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[texts]Steganography - فوزي برزنجي
Keywords: Steganography
Downloads: 390
[texts]Xiao Steganography
Xiao Steganography DownloadUse steganography to hide your secret writing or messages.Xiao SteganographyXiao Steganography, xiao steganography, xiao steganography software, xiao steganography free download, xiao steganography features, xiao steganography help, xiao steganography 2.6.1 download, xiao steganography tutorial, xiao steganography 2.5.9, use xiao steganography, descargar xiao steganographyVersion 2.6.1Xiao Steganography Download Xiao Steganography 2015! - 2015 DOWNLOAD.Lucian Freud, wh...
Keywords: Xiao Steganography
[texts]18. Comp Sci IJCSEITR Secured Steganography Model Akanksha Gaur OPaid ( 1)
This paper intends to administer an outline of image steganography. It additionally makes an attempt to spot the wants of an honest steganographic rule and in brief reflects on that steganographic techniques. The web as an entire doesn't use secure links; therefore info in transit is also prone to interception additionally. Besides the concealment of information for confidentiality; this approach of knowledge concealment will be extended to copyright protection for digital media...
Keywords: Steganography; Concealment; Genetic
Downloads: 7
[texts]Dounds Steganography
Dounds Steganography Encode and decode messages into pictures with this encryption tool.Dounds SteganographyDounds Steganography, dound's steganographyVersion 1.6Dounds Steganography software download * Dounds Steganography : DOWNLOAD MEDIAFIRE. free reviewBe with the Dounds Steganography family and friends whom help we all throughout and bring out the Dounds Steganography greatest inside you. However, keep in your mind some important pointers when developing a consumer centric webpage...
Keywords: Dounds Steganography Download
[texts]Image Steganography
Image Steganography Free DownloadProtect you text files and files by embedding them on images.Image SteganographyImage Steganography, image steganography, image steganography decoder, image steganography software, image steganography tools, image steganography techniques, image steganography tools online, image steganography matlab code, image steganography project report pdf, image steganography java, image steganography algorithmsVersion 1.5.2Image Steganography Image Steganography Download Me...
Keywords: Image Steganography Free
[texts]Steganographia BSB 1608 - Trithemius, Johannes, 1462-1516
Scans from die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek via Google. This is Trithemius's most famous work, written c. 1499; published Frankfurt, 1606. It was placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in 1609 and removed in 1900. This book is in three volumes, and appears to be about magic; specifically, about using spirits to communicate over long distances. Since the publication of the decryption key to the first two volumes in 1606, they have been known to be actually concerned with cryptography and stegan...
Keywords: occult; demonology; steganography; cryptography
Downloads: 1,105
[texts]Combined Implementation of Robust Cryptosystem for Non-invertible Matrices based on Hill Cipher and Steganography
In this paper, we have combined the RobustCryptosystem for Non-invertible matrices based on Hill Ciphertechnique with steganography method in order to securelytransmit text message. The steganography method used is LSBinsertion technique. The encryption and steganographymethods are used subsequently along with two randomizationtechnique: one of XOR the encrypted text and another ofrandomized LSB insertion in any cover image...
Keywords: cryptography; steganography; plaintext; stegoobject; cipher
Downloads: 33
[texts]2. Electrical IJEEE Modified Chetna Nagpal
The growth of high speed computer networks and that of the Internet, in particular, has increased the ease of Information Communication. In comparison with Analog media, Digital media offers several distinct advantages such as high quality, easy editing, high fidelity copying, compression etc. But this type of advancement in the field of data communication in other sense has hiked the fear of getting the data snooped at the time of sending it from the sender to the receiver...
Keywords: Capacity; DCT; JPEG; PSNR; Steganography
Downloads: 38
[texts]Use of Complex Discrete Signals for Steganographic Information Security
The steganographic methods of information embedding in stable images for the secure transfer of information are investigated. The method of steganographic security based on the use of complex discrete signals and technology of direct expansion of spectrum is examined, its efficiency is probed from point of the provided security, carrier capacity and amount of introduced distortions in a container-image.
Keywords: Container-image; Steganography; Noise-immunity; Erroneous Extraction
Downloads: 36
[texts]Genetic Algorithm based Mosaic Image Steganography for Enhanced Security
The concept of mosaic steganography was proposedby Lai and Tsai [4] for information hiding and retrieval usingtechniques such as histogram value, greedy search algorithm,and random permutation techniques. In the present paper, anovel method is attempted in mosaic image steganographyusing techniques such as Genetic algorithm, Key basedrandom permutation .The creation of a predefined databaseof target images has been avoided...
Keywords: GA; MIS; PSNR; mosaics; KBRP; RMSE; Steganography
Downloads: 235
[texts]Enhancing Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Through Steganography
in cloud computing data storage is a significant issuebecause the entire data reside over a set of interconnectedresource pools that enables the data to be accessed throughvirtual machines. It moves the application software’s anddatabases to the large data centers where the management ofdata is actually done. As the resource pools are situated overvarious corners of the world, the management of data andservices may not be fully trustworthy...
Keywords: Cloud Computing; Data Storage Security; Steganography
Downloads: 224
[texts]EMD Techniques of Image Steganography A Comparative Study - Mamta Kalra, Parvinder Singh
Exploiting Modification Direction (EMD) is a technique to hide secret data into digital images. This paper reviews different EMD techniques to hide the confidential data. The main idea of EMD is to embed secret data into digital image in such a way that it provides high embedding efficiency as compared to the other techniques. The brief introduction of various EMD schemes and their comparisons are presented in this paper. 
Keywords: Steganography; Exploiting Modification Direction (EMD); Stego image
Downloads: 17
[texts]8. Comp Sci IJCSE A Novel Audio Steganography Scheme Using Double Density
Theword Steganographyisaninformation trouncingmethod where secretmessage isembeddedinto unwarycover signal. Goodqualitysteganographyalgorithms contain perceptual precision,payloadorcapacityand strength.Qualityof steganographyschemecanbemeasuredusingmetrics such as PSNR, MSE.Withinthispaper,anovelhighcapacityaudio Steganography algorithm basedon double density dual tree complex wavelettransform withblowfishencryption hasbeen proposed...
Keywords: Audio Steganography; Double Density Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform; Blow Fish Algorithm; High Capacity Steganography
Downloads: 25
[texts]Symbiotic Methodologies for the Partition Table - Aloysius Vrandt
ABSTRACT: Unified relational modalities have led to many essential advances, including RAID and the transistor. In this paper, we verify the synthesis of IPv4, which embodies the appropriate principles of steganography. In our research, we confirm not only that Byzantine fault tolerance can be made distributed, trainable, and semantic, but that the same is true for RPCs.
Keywords: Symbiotic methodologies; Partition tables; Unified relational modalities; Steganography; Telephony; UNIVAC
[texts]An Efficient Higher LSB Method for Hiding Encrypted Data into Guard Pixels Region of a Multicarrier Image Objects - Komal B.Bijwe, G. R. Bamnote
Digital communication has become an essential part of infrastructure nowadays, a lot of applications are Internet-based andit is important that communication be made secret. As a result, the security of information passed over an open channel has become afundamental issue and therefore, the confidentiality and data integrity are required to protect against unauthorized access and use. Thishas resulted in an unstable growth in the field of information hiding...
Keywords: Steganography; PVD; LSB; DCT; Cover Image; Stego Image; Huffman Encoding
Downloads: 5
[audio]Cryptocracy Podcast Episode 001 - Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin
In this episode of the Cryptocracy Podcast I read some abstracts from the Freehaven anonymity bibliography. The papers I have selected this week span a variety of topics in privacy enhancing technology. More details at
Keywords: Cryptography; Privacy; Enhancing; Technology; Podcast; Freehaven; Anonymity; Bibliography; Electronic Society; Information Hiding; Steganography; Pseudonym; e-cash
Downloads: 204
[texts]Texture Based Steganalysis of Grayscale Images Using Neural Network
texture analysis using Spatial Gray Level Dependence Method is presented. A neural network trained with the texture related statistics, extracted from cover images and stego images that are created using one embedding algorithm, is adopted as a classifier. The classifier reliably detects clean images and stego images despite the small data embedding rate of 0.0077. Steganographic tools tested include both spatial and transform domain image hiding techniques...
Keywords: Steganography; Steganalysis; Texture Analysis; SGLDM; Spatial Gray Level Dependence Method; Neural Network
Downloads: 67
[texts]A 2-tier Data Hiding Technique Using Exploiting Modification Direction Method and Huffman Coding
This paper proposes a 2-tier data hiding techniquethat involves Exploiting Modification Direction (EMD) methodand Huffman Coding. Firstly, a secret message of an arbitraryplain text is encrypted, compressed and transformed into astream of bits. Subsequently, the bits are converted into secretdigits by using the Huffman dictionary table. Secondly, acover image is segmented into groups of n pixels and eachgroup is embedded with one secret digit by modifying onegray-scale value at most to hide the ...
Keywords: data hiding; steganography; Exploiting Modification Direction (EMD) method; Huffman coding; data protection; cryptography
Downloads: 15
[movies]Hacking Tip: Hide Secret Files In Plain Site -
This video covers the art of steganography, or hiding messages in plain site. The three methods covered are hiding files on Microsoft documents, hiding files inside pictures, and hiding messages inside Twitter messages.
Keywords: hack; hacking; steganography; hide; files; pictures; twitter; secret; private; password; security; tips; tricks; tutorial; tinkernut
Downloads: 457
[texts]18. A Novel Technique.full
Proposed paper present a new robust watermarking technique for copyright protection based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition. The Low frequency sub band of the wavelet decomposed cover image is modified by modifying its singular values. A secret key is generated from the original watermark with the help of visual cryptography to claim the ownership of the image. The ownership of the image can be claimed by superimposing this secret key on the extracted watermark from ...
Keywords: Image Watermarking; Visual Cryptography; Singular Value Decomposition; Discrete WaveletTransform; Robustness; Steganography
Downloads: 32
[texts]Imperceptible Data Transmission - U. Mourya Vardhan, A. Srinivasa Rao
Steganographic is a art or method or technique of sending hidden data or secret messages over a public channel so that a third party cannot detect the presence of secret message. There are numerous proposed protocols to hidden data in channels containing pictures, video & audio and even typeset text. In this paper, secret communication through audio, i.e., embedding textual information in an audio file steganography...
Keywords: Steganography; Human Auditory System (HAS); Hidden object; Hidden data; Stego-object; Embed; Extraction
Downloads: 25
[texts]1. Performance Analysis.full
Audio steganography is a technique used to transmit hidden information by modifying an audio signal in an imperceptible manner. The major challenge in audio steganography is that to obtain robust high capacity steganographicsystems. This paper presents a secure data transfer technique using Cryptography and Audio Steganography for mobile network. The combination of SS technique with XORing method is described in this paper, which provides good level of security.Number of techniques for embedding...
Keywords: Audio Steganography; Cryptography; Least Spread Spectrum (SS) Technique; Information Security; Secret Key
Downloads: 125
[texts]012 Natural Language Steganography
012 Natural Language Steganography
Keywords: steganography; primitive; natural; security; language; wendy; midshires; huffman; linguistic; motivation; natural language; security primitive; language steganography; wendy strikes; linguistic problem; nice great; great fine; fine decent; decent wonderful; cryptographic problem
Downloads: 21
[audio]Cryptocracy Podcast Episode 004 - Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin
This week we bring you news and announcements, a section of a panel on ethics and values in research from PET 2007, and the abstract of "Thinking inside the box: system-level failures of tamper proofing". Details at
Keywords: Ethics; Values; Panel; PET; Cryptography; Privacy; Enhancing; Technology; Podcast; Freehaven; Anonymity; Bibliography; Electronic Society; Information Hiding; Steganography; Pseudonym; e-cash
Downloads: 149
Digital communication has seen exponential growth in the past decade.Consequently, the security of digital data has become a field of extensive research sincepiracy and unauthorized use of such data is prevalent because of the ease with which datacan be replicated or tampered. Visual Cryptography (VC) is a special cryptographictechnique where decryption is done by an authorized user by simply overlaying the shares.Thus, there is no requirement for complex computations unlike normal cryptography....
Keywords: Visual Cryptography; Steganography; Video Watermarking; Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR); Normalised Correlation (NC); Mean Square error (MSE)
Downloads: 9
[audio]Cryptocracy Podcast Episode 005 - Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin
This week our guest is Steven Murdoch who will be speaking with us about his recent work on chip and pin cards and pin entry devices. Following the interview I will read you the abstract of one of Steven's traffic analysis papers: Low-Cost Traffic Analysis.
Keywords: Bank; card; emv; pin; entry; tamper; resistance; Cryptography; Privacy; Enhancing; Technology; Podcast; Freehaven; Anonymity; Bibliography; Electronic Society; Information Hiding; Steganography; Pseudonym; e-cash
Downloads: 291
[audio]Cryptocracy Podcast Episode 003 - Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin
This weekâs guest is Ian Goldberg with whom we discuss his observations on the evolution of the field of Privacy Enhancing Technologies and his recent work in the sub-field of Private Information Retrieval. I also narrate Compact E-Cash, by Camenisch et. al.
Keywords: Ian; Goldberg; Private Information Retrieval; Cryptography; Privacy; Enhancing; Technology; Podcast; Freehaven; Anonymity; Bibliography; Electronic Society; Information Hiding; Steganography; Pseudonym; e-cash
Downloads: 188
[audio]Cryptocracy Podcast Episode 002 - Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin
The Cryptocracy Podcast brings you news, announcements, interviews, and narration of paper abstracts on privacy enhancing technologies, cryptography, security, and electronic society. This week on the Cryptocracy podcast we interview Karsten Nohl about his joint work with Henryk Plotz on their recent break of the Mifare proprietary cipher known as "Crypto 1". We also perform a narration of The Pynchon Gate: A Secure Method of Pseudonymous Mail Retrieval by Len Sassaman, Bram Cohen, and Nick Math...
Keywords: Mifare; Crypto 1; Proprietary; Cipher; Break; Cryptography; Privacy; Enhancing; Technology; Podcast; Freehaven; Anonymity; Bibliography; Electronic Society; Information Hiding; Steganography; Pseudonym; e-cash
Downloads: 248
[audio]dotCommunism - In da Streetz - dotCommunism
In da Streetz is the tenth release by electronic musician dotCommunism. This album, unlike other dotCommunism album, is largely influenced by hip hop music. Noise music and drum and bass also helped to shape In da Streetz into the work that it is. In da Streetz is an Album-A-Day For more information:
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Album-A-Day; Full Album; Hip Hop; Noise; Drum and Bass; flip flop; pancake; waffle; corporate; sellout; riaa; classical; steganography; scarlet letter; noise rap; electronic
Downloads: 4,352
[texts]Journal of Computer Science and Information Security June 2010 - ijcsiseditor
The International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security is an English language periodical on research in general computer science and information security which offers prompt publication of important technical research work, whether theoretical, applicable, or related to implementation. Target Audience: IT academics and business people concerned with computer science and security; university IT faculties; industry IT departments; government departments; the financial industry; the...
Keywords: IJCSIS; call for paper; journal computer science; research; google scholar; IEEE; Scirus; download; ArXiV; library; information security; internet; peer review; scribd; docstoc; cornell university; archive; Journal of Computing; DOAJ; Open Access; IT academics and business people concerned with computer science and security; university IT faculties; industry IT departments; government departments; the financial industry; the mobile industry and the computing industry; security infrastructures; network security: Internet security; content protection; cryptography; steganography and formal methods in information security; multimedia; image processing; software; information systems; intelligent systems; web services; wireless communication; networking and technologies
Downloads: 3,714
[texts]International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) Volume 2 Issue 12 December 2013 - International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) Volume 2 Issue 12 December 2013
Keywords: Nanotechnology; building; steel construction; sustainability Mushroom; Irradiation; Functional Food. WSN; ARM7; Zig Bee; greenhouse monitoring Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR); Plate number location; External Locus of Control; Performance; Learning Haar Wavelet Coefficients; ED Vector; Face Recofnition Artificial Neural Network; character segmentation; line segmentation; optical character recognition; pre-processing; word segmentation Readymade Garments; Character segmentation; knitwear; Export; Economy; Recession sustainable; tourism; culture; promotion Moore’s Law; Interconnect Issues; Silver Nano-Particles; Solvothermal Process; Filtration Process; ULSI Sudeck’s osteodystrophy; Stellate ganglion block; treatment modalities Tourism Sector; Economic Growth; MATLAB Migration; Zimbabwe cloud computing; accountability; data sharing; information accountability framework Cloud storage; tendency; error localization Women; Crime; Law; Eve teasing; Molestation Globalization; Chhattisgarh; Human Rights; Liberalization; Constitution Women Empwerment & Small enterprises Blast furnace; Indian Iron Making; technological changes; productivity Asthma; Beta-2 agonists; Bronchial hyper responsiveness; Doping; Sports; Joint Forest Management; Health Restorative composite color changes; in-office bleaching gel; CIE L* a* b* color system; Beautifil II composite resins; ISP Empress Direct composite resins and Ceram.x.mono composite resins Flow properties; Formation water; Electrical conductivity; viscosity; Density Relationship Marketing; RM Tenets; Forest Committee Global Warming; Sustainable Competitive Advantage; Hospitality Industry Data acquisition system; QRS detections; HRV; electrocardiograms (ECGs) SARIMA Model; BIC; Forecasting; Crude Oil Exportation. Encryption; Cryptographic key; Bit-streams; climacteric behavior; Hadamard transform Corporate Governance; Chartered Accountants; Company Secretaries; committees Teacher Education; NCTE; Vocational Education Fingerprint recognition; entropy; correlation; wavelet energy Alcohol; Smoking; Dry matter loss; Students; Health Sugar palm fiber reinforced; Composite material; Fracture toughness; Mechanical properties Animal Farm; Translation Quality Assessment; Literary Texts; Baker’s Taxonomy Cloud computing; E-commerce; SME’ Neonatal transport; Poly sack; TOPS score; Morbidity & Mortality Compression Rate; Data Compression; Data Recovery; Run Length Encoding (RLE); VHDL RFID; Global; Threat; Data; Information LNA; Gunny; Low Noise Amplifier; 60 GHz; source degenerated Power System; Voltage Regulation; FACTS device; Fixed Capacitor; Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) watermarking; techniques; requirements; properties; Paddy; challenges Wallace tree multiplier; CSLA; CSA; Xilinx; FPGA Genotoxic impurity; Alkylating agent; Liquid chromatography mass spectrometer; Electro spray ionization Differential Diagnosis; Bayesian Classification; SOA; Greengram; LAMSTAR; K-NN Method Semantic Web Service; Ontology; WSDL; OWL-S; Standardization Engine Service recommendation; QoS; collaborative filtering; self-organizing map; visualization E-Governance; cowpea; authoritarian; Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Neutraceuticals; Spirulina. Nutritional assessment; Weight; Height; Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) Information Security; Cryptosystems; Network Security; Cryptoanalysis; Cryptography Hordeum vulgare; corn RC4; Landrace; Variability; Clustering; Morpho-agronomic characters Lease finance; Performance; ROE; ROA; SMEs; Bangladesh Efficient market; Random walk model; AES; Autocorrelation; Run test; Dhaka stock exchange Fisher effect; Money supply; Interest rate; Consumer price Index; ARDL; Nigeria Kernel-principal component analysis; Canonical correlation analysis; Face recognition; Chaos based algorithm PSI- port-site infection; Radial basis function; Super resolution Rice; Nilaparvata lugens Stal Metal Matrix Composites MMC’s; Cu; Silicon Carbide (SiC); SPSS; Stir; Pouring Temperature; UTM; Hardness. Image Segmentation; PIH- port-site incisional hernia; FPGA ontology search engine; semantic search; social personalized search; web crawler; Information Retrieval Process. achievement motivation; academic achievement; distribution; variables Food value; carcass; Macrobrachium species; SSI surgical site infections Eaton; Nigeria complex fistula; seton; incontinence; recurrence; healing rate Complementary; misconceptions; growth; healthy feeding Anthropometry; Shooting ability; Korfball Steganography; Flocculation; PVD; LSB; DCT; Cover Image; Stego Image; Huffman Encoding ral; sesame seed oil; burn ointment ECG; Bior 3.9; Wavelet \decomposition; OIC; Entropy Salmonella infection; Widal test; Stool culture and Laboratory diagnosis of enteric fever Erythropoietin; Sport; Adverse effects; Red blood cell Model Predictive Controller; distillation column; control horizon; model horizon Body area network; ECG; OIT Street foods; GMM; inter-pulse interval WSN; Clock Synchronization; Clustered Network; Sensor Network; vendor women; Sinja city; hygienic; food safety Differential current-mode signaling; network-on-chip (noc); pulse signaling; wave-pipelining NGO research culture; research architecture; research-performance nexus and development management efficacy. biodeterioration; biodegradation; cellulase; fungi; cotton; fpase. OTRA; Multivibrator; SPDT High Strength Concrete; Flexural Strength; Recycled Aggregates; Finite Element Analysis; Linear structural analysis Exopolysaccharides; Lactic acid bacteria; Functional food; Mursik antrochoanal polyp; FESS; airway obstruction web mining; information retrieval; page counts; snippets Strategy; Implementation; decision making social media; business performance; business analyst; capatilism; collaboration Fluidized bed adsorption; Mathematical modeling; mass transfer coefficient; particle size as Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs); Routing protocols; Swarm intelligence (SI) Fluoride; Fluorosis; Dental fluorosis; symptoms; prevalence Authentication; Secure digital signature; Digital signature; Content authenticity verification; Error concealment. SPIHT; ROI Compression; MIC; Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR); Compression Ratio (CR); Tukey-wind; PG algorithm (Papoulis-Gerchberg method) Wi-Fi; Technology; transmission; control layer; implementation Castor accessions; morphological characterization; principal components; clustering analyses and NCRI Badeggi. Development of HVDC and FACTS; Current status of power electronicstechniques; Future development of HVDC and FACTS EES; Refrigerant’s; Efficiency; Ejector System Stress; yoga; anxiety scale E-learning; E-Education system; Internet-Education; Impact of E-Learning in Education; Learning resources Internal Locus of Control
Downloads: 213
[texts]International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR): Volume 2 Issue 11 November 2013 - International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR): Volume 2 Issue 11 November 2013
Keywords: Mole plough; electronic control system; hydraulic system; control valve; stepper motor Fish species; Gwagwalada; Heavy metals; bioaccumulation First year medical students; learning style; learning preference; Training need; Employee competency Stress; Gender; Curricular year; choosing profession LA-laparoscopic appendicectimy; SIOA-small incision open appendicectomy; cosmetic results; cost effectiveness; duration of surgery Social work; intervention; the VARK; rehabilitation; ex- militants; Kashmir Ethics; Information; Information Systems; Social; Society Agent; Multiagent; decision making; dynamic information Hydraulic Excavator Bucket; rural medical college Cost leadership; Fixture; Sub-Assembly; Isometric view; ANSI Drawing; Welding; Cycle time per Job infertility; counseling; assisted reproductive technology; stress Yoruba; Ritual; Differentiation; Soyinka; Community; Cleansing Data repair; secret sharing; grayscale document image; Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image High Frequency Hearing Loss; Pure Tone Audiometry; Mobile Phone Disposal of sewage; COD; BOD; Market focus; Batch and column operation; Fly ash Wireless Sensor Networks; Trust Based Methodologies; Energy consumption patterns; NBBTE Algorithm Diagnosis; biopotential system; data acquisition; wireless integration faults signal analysis; empirical mode decomposition; kolmogorov-smirnov test; Performance; Improved Hilbert Huang transform Custom power; interface devices; OPEN unified power-quality conditioner (UPQC); power quality (PQ) Geographical Information Systems; Google Map; Google Earth; and API Information repackaging; info-engineering; Analysis and Consolidation of Information; CAS; Corporate growth; SDI; Data Compilation and Processing Election; voters; community; factor analysis; information; variable Record Deduplication; preprocessing; Cleaning; Dirty data; Competitive strategies Book theft; genetic programming; mbat algorithm; firefly algorithm Integrated Living Skills (ILS); professional skills; teachers; School Based Evaluation (SBE); teaching and learning process Physicochemical parameters; Formation water; Electrical conductivity; Total dissolved solid; Mutilation; offshore Information Marketing; Library marketing; Library economy Adaline; diesel generator set; distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM); harmonic elimination load compensation leadership; life skills; head panel; teacher; management E-Learning; Disfigurement; Semantic Web; Metadata; Ontology; Virtual Classroom dyslexia; Pocket Note; effectiveness; drilling; cognitive; syllable Corporate sustainability Reporting. Corporate social reporting; corporate social responsibility; Malpractice; social value; corporate ethics Quality; Satisfaction; Workshop; Community college; Servqual Pro-social behaviour; parental behaviour; ‘t’ test; Pearson correlation; higher secondary students vocational college; Mekelle University Synthesis; co-curricular activities; Stastistical Packages For Social Sciences (SPSS) Support Vector Machine (SVM); Received Signal Strength Identity (RSSI); Hyperplane; Location Fingerprint; Statistical Learning. Women; leader; School Processed cheese spread; Functional cheese; ω-3 fatty acid; zeolite LTA; Cost; Cheese plant Behavioural Competency; Cronbach’s Alpha; Under Graduate Students; ‘t’ test; spilt half Data aggregation; Information fusion; In-Network Aggregation; Routing Protocol Magnetic shielding; demonstration; underground water; experiment Cloud Computing; Energy Efficiency; Cloud Efficiency Model; BCloud; Cloud consideration Mobile Ad-Hoc; Routing; AODV; DSDV; Performance; Comparison Quality; silver-zeolite ECG; Monitoring; Evaluation; Teacher preparation Data publishing; Data anonymization; Generalization; Bucketization; slicing histogram; hough transform; anti-spam technology; image spam detection; MSP430; spam archive dataset Destination IP address; Hop count filtering; IP spoofing; Man-in-the-middle attack; Penetration test; source IP address human rights; constitution; convention; family; society Image processing; Android; Face recognition; PCA; Eigen Face; Microcontroller; MATLAB and Camera WIMAX; WIFI; mobility; 4G; Ad-hoc Network (as cognitive Radio) Cloud computing; Scheduling; Service Level Agreements (SLA); Bluetooth; Virtualization; Virtual Machines (VM) Cholecystitis; Laparoscopiccholecystectomy; Singleport; Bileleak; Biliary colic Steganography; video processing; Motion vectors; DCT; DWT; Mobile Health Solanum; LSB Pretreatment; Algal biomass; Biofuel; Saccharification; Fermentation awareness; performance; mental; emotional; stability POP; OCB; pharmacological-properties; Self Monitoring Manets; AODV protocol; Attacks; Malicious nodes Friction stir processing; (FSP); Microstructure; Mechanical Properties Design and development of composite/hybrid propeller shaft using fiber reinforced plastic material (FRP) Stewart Platform; Ansys software; mathematical model; finite element analysis dietary pattern; inter-specific; diet; student; sennar university; university life Girls; Exercise; Sprinters; Training Fingerprint identification; image processing; contextual filtering; minutiae Antioxidant; embryo-culture business process integration; antimicrobial; DPPH; in vitro; solvent extraction; polyphenols; nutraceutical Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR); Harmonic Distortion; Repetitive Control; Voltage Sag; Voltage swell competitive; supply chain collaboration; globalized business environment; e-procurement; operational costs Big Data; structured data; semi structured data; unstructured data; integration; technology Wireless sensor networks; cut detection; energy efficiency Africa; challenges; Guinea fowl; competitive advantage; keets; poverty; predation; farmer’ welfare; corn MWCNT; Epoxy Composite; Nanotechnology; CNC milling; Manufacturing Karnataka; Marathi; Cultural; Maharashtra and Kannada Bilateral filter; Markov Random Field (MRF); Maximum A Posteriori (MAP); regularization; Super Resolution (SR). web mining; Market Basket analysis; personalized product recommendation; Association rules mining; Support count Physicochemical; gelatinization; emulsion capacity; water holding capacity; foam capacity Intuitionistic fuzzy set; Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi sets; Geometric Distance; Normalized Hamming distance Fluent; Ventilation; Air conditioning; Air distribution; Operating room Solar module; Batteries; PMDC motor; Charge Controller strategy; strategic planning; strategy implementation; organizational structure Hepatitis C virus; β-thalassemia major; Hereditary anemia; Consanguinity Anomaly; Gravity; Magnetics. Globalization; Technology; Talents; World economic Forum; mobility; cultural agility Learning; Academic Programs; Academic Programs Continuity; University; Student; Faculty Robust UART; RRS filer; data processing; communication; noise Colocosiaesculenta; proximate; anti-nutrients; phytochemicals seismic; structure; fault; hydrocarbon Crotonpenduliflorus; seed coat; proximate; minerals Training; Performance; Importance; Effectiveness; Benefits
Downloads: 325
[texts]August 2013: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) - International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
Volume 2 Issue 8, August 2013
Keywords: Guyuan city; Temperature change; Linear regression analysis; Mann-Kendall test; Pettitt jump test. Urine; Urinalysis; Proteinuria; Hematuria; Glycosuria; Pyuria. people-driven constitution; constitution-making process; Zimbabwe constitution model. Tool for restitution; Roman Imperial Baths; Architectural analysis; FPGA; RS-232 interface Stress; Coping Strategies; Employee Health; Performance Hoya kerrii; Micropropagation; 2; 4-D; Callus. FPGA; BIST; Analog model. Climate Change; LP-LFSR; Switching activity Paclitaxel; cervical carcinoma; HDR brachytherapy Plaintext; Cipher text; key length; block length Biceps brachii; third head; flap surgery; musculocutaneous nerve. precipitation; Land Surface Temperature; rainfall; interpolation; cross-validation; kriging; IDW. Denoising; Contrast Enhancement; Morphological Operations; Segmentation; Fuzzy C-Means Clustering. ICT literacy; Skill assessment; Land Use/ Land Cover Change; Computational tool; Computer competency. Biometrics; Signature; Back propagation; Artificial Neural Network. Kerala Model of Development; Health; Neo-liberalism; Privatization; Exclusion RCC building; Time history analysis; Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) AzhalVaatham (Siddha Medical term); displacement; earthquake resistant design Agri-preneurs; Agricultural Entrepreneurs; Association; Government Subsidy ICT use; integration; management; public secondary; Bungoma; Kenya MANET; Neuropathy; Fuzzy logic; Black hole attack; Packet loss; Data rate. Pulverised nylon; Funtumia elastica; Brachystegia. kennedy; and Milicia excels Engine performance; Ignition timing; Exhaust emission; Twin plug SI engine. power electronic converter; Diabetes Mellitus (D.M); induction heating; simulation. Writing; Micro skills; Error; Error Analysis Full Duplex; Microcontroller; Wireless Monitoring System; Zigbee Database; Graphical User Interface (GUI); Information System; GlycyrrhizaglabraLinn; Rapid Application Design (RAD) Database; Graphical User Interface (GUI); Inventory System; Laboratory Touch screen; voice recognition; Home automation system; ZigBee communication. allometric growth; condition factor; Nangal dam. CAN (Controller Area Network); PIC16F877A; Cynodondactylon Linn. Nanofluids; Bluetooth. Color image; Edge suppression; Gradient field; affine transformation; Cross projection tensors; HUS; Enteric fever; Salmonella typhi. Information Technology; competence; university academic; Porous media; Internet; teaching. Epicondylitis; Manual Mobilization; NPRS Scale. Impact; Forage; Invasive plants; Conservation; Understory Business-to-Business; E-Business; E-Commerce; Effective thermal conductivity; E-Procurement; Internet; state corporations; Supply Chain. Electronic procurement; public sector procurement; e-procurement implementation. Noise; Spatial Domain Filtering; Filters; Image enhancement etc. Power line communication; Channel modeling; Impulse response; High speed data. Kenyan coal; Effective viscosity; Coal analysis; Coal rank and quality; Mui basin Codec; Container; H.261; H.261; MPEG-2. Parkinson’s disease; TUG test; Functional gait performance. Literacy; illiteracy; porosity; human development index; marginalisation Wavelet; Multiwavelet; Image denoising; Gaussian noise; Speckle noise linear filters; Wavelet transform. bagasse; boiler efficiency; Dryer; moisture contain Aspect; Permeability; Information retrieval; Opinion mining; Perspective; Tweets Classification; Computer Vision System; Image Processing; Grading; Quality; SVM; Wheat multi-dimensional visualization; Inertia coefficient. Aeromagnetic data; dimension reduction; visual clutter; visual structure Cloud computing; Broker Policy; Modeling and Simulation; Data Center; Resource management; Workload Based applications Cryptography; AES; DES; Spectral; FPGA; efficient encryption/decryption implementation; pipeline. ATM; wireless transmission; ITU-T; public and private Sting Stigma Eradication Application (SSEA); Short Messaging Service (SMS); Information Technology (IT); Antiretroviral Drug (ARV). Hydroxyapatite; Polyurethane; Mechanical properties; Depth; Morphological. e-commerce; malicious user; Sniffing; Spoofing; Brute-force; Cryptography & Decryption. e-commerce; CC Redbook; Mitigation Risk; OSSTMM; NIST Expression Recognition; Sedimentary depth; Image Processing; Local Feature; Pattern Recognition; CK+; JAFFE; Computer Vision chaos; logistic equation; price dynamics; discrete dynamical systems Wireless Sensor Network; Key Management Operations; first and second layer depth. Transfusion; Pre-shared Key (PSK); NchooseK Algorithm. Sexual Networking; Sexual Practices; Men Having Sex with Men (MSM); Level of Awareness on HIV/ AIDS Comprehensive health; Community health care; primary care; Doorstep service Opportunistic Routing Algorithm; WIFI Model; Packed Red blood cell; Blood usage; Blood groups; Road traffic accidents Pattern Recognition; Handwritten Character Recognition; K-Nearest Neighbor; Kannada vowels; Feature extraction; Chain code. Cloud; Public Cloud; Private Cloud; Hybrid Cloud; Federation of Cloud; Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas); Platform as a Service (Paas); Software as a Service (Saas). Virtualization; UEC; Eucalyptus; Secure Shell Login Boro silicate glass; density; optical basicity; optical absorption. Orchidaceae; Polystachya fusiformis; mycorrhiza; pollinia; herbivory. parallel counter design; high speed; state anticipation module. Foreign exchange; portfolio; disposable income; Gross Domestic Product Gender; Career; Counselling Cloud Computing; Cloud Security; Judicial policies; regulatory control Steganography. Cryptography; security; gif image; video Double layer steel dome; span to height ratio; IS 800-2007. video-capture; motion detection; short message service; video4linux; HTTP Universal; data processing; signals; communication; noise Information and communication technology; students’ achievement; chemistry at secondary level; country specific development. Networks; mathematical; physiological; sensor; detectors; ECG cochlear implants; hearing impaired; assistive device; handicap; communication paradigm; cultural differences; discrimination; identity; deaf culture. Artificial Intelligence; Webthrough; Ontologies; Semantics MPA; Wimax; DMB; HFSS. water environment capacity; one-dimensional model; lake; parameter; pollutant Background subtraction; DTBDM; Similarity module
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